Medical Servicing


Tel: 0208 365 8697   |   Email: info@turnertroinc.co.uk

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On Site Servicing


We offer on-site servicing and repairs for

Medisoft  / Pulmolink Systems, Mefar Dossimters, and Ergoline Ergometers.

Our call-out charge is £225 for the UK

and £55 per hour ( £27.50 Half an hour )

Max 8 hours, then £100 overnight fee will be applied.

Our Workshop rate is £45 per hour.

( £22.50 half an hour )

Contact: nigel.turner@turnertronic.co.uk

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Online & Telephone Help

We have a dedicated team of staff who are always

willing to help and direct you call to your local engineer.  We cover from 9AM - 5PM Monday to Saturday and emergancy cover until 10PM.

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Office Repairs

At Turnertronic we have a dedicated area with

anti static mats for module and PCB repairs.

All our repairs are covered by warranty for three Months and electrical safety tested as standard.

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Computer Networking

We have a range of Networking Solutions for your

company whatever the budget.  Our aim is to give

a low cost quality service, that's what our business

is built upon, recomendations and quality work.